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  • kristenplescow:

    You guys might recognize some of the thumbnails and a preview from a post awhile back… here’s the finished piece! :D

    Done for the charity artbook Memorieal which recently gave us the go-ahead to upload the illustrations we did earlier this year. As a kid I had a flying/gliding bear species based off this stuffed animal (I named them “Pinky Bears” since I was an original precious snowflake). They were the mortal enemies of eagles, and they primarily ate fish — which they stored underground in burrows. Since that’s what bears do.

    Is this one about to grab one or shake its fin? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

    let me think of my cat…;-; he’ll stand up too, and when I going to hug him up, he’ll raised his hands up like that too.. ((god…my tears..

    (Source: youtube.com)

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