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  • Unable to fly - Skipper/Hans.

    by KujiraHanma

    Skipper never talks about his past, especially his past in Denmark. Not one of his three team members knows anything. Not the slightest hint, except for the involvement of the atlantic puffin Hans, the Danes, himself and explosives. That was already too much he told them. Skipper never wants to be reminded why all that had happened – the reason why. But now Hans was here, always in the city of New York, because the puffin settled down in Hoboken Zoo. Why has it to be New York? Why not Los Angeles or even another country, another continent? His past seems to outrun him.

    His flippers were tightly cuffed with a rope behind his back and ev

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    PoM - Difference of the 3 versions by ScreenshotTPoM

    I want to make this compare picture for a long time, so here it is X3

    For people can reference this if you want to draw Movie penguins, they are totally Different! exists in a Different Universe

    I think all of them looks the best in the TV show,
    the TV show version shows in this pic is only the season 1 model, it had been refine much more at Season 3, 
    their Expressions/Actions turns even more Alive, you can see their Eyes shinning the souls and personality in there uvu

    I really want to draw TV penguins meet Movie penguins someday, but it’s so hard , maybe someone else can complete that challenge :D

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